July 25, 2019

Belgian Street Artist Jaune hits the streets of London

We were first introduced to the work of Belgian street artist and urban interventionist, Jonathan Pauwels aka Juane on a visit to the first edition of contemporary art festival The Crystal Ship in Oostende, Belgium back in 2016.Jaune was among a number of national and international artists invited by festival curator Bjørn Van Poucke to take part in The Crystal Ship. Over the duration of the festival, Jaune installed over 35 of his street-level multi-layered stencil works featuring miniature sanitation workers.Belgian Street Artist Jaune—“My work is based on the paradox between the visible and the invisible, with sanitation workers the main protagonists in my humorous installations and paintings – an idea that was born from my…

July 25, 2019

This Night Balm Is Luxurious and Smells like a Mediterranean Garden

Given that Nannette de Gaspé’s velvety Baume Noir, a nearly-neon lilac balm, boasts an infusion of fermented black tea, black superfruits, Tahitian pearl extract and kakadu plum, I’m unsure as to why it smells so much like a Mediterranean garden on a deep summer night. It has the hypnotic scent of those rich white flowers – jasmine, phlox, orchid – that only open after sundown and fill the air with their syrupy sweetness. It does contain stem cells from Indian gentian leaf though, the blossom of which, granted, is white – but it would be hard to convince me that these stem cells smell of very much at all while they’re…

July 25, 2019


Now that the book has been out a couple months I thought it worthwhile to take a look inside the cover to see some of the interior illustrations. There are nine in total and like the previous two books, all are black and white. I go through a couple of stages before I begin the final art. The preliminary stage is one that the client doesn’t see. It’s the messy scribbles that are just me gathering my thoughts. I’ll run through a few iterations (or if I’m lucky the idea will just kind of hit me) and go from there. I’ll then scan the tiny sketches and begin to work…

July 15, 2019

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